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Welcome to footie_lust, your one stop shop for equal opportunity football whoring.

• All pictures are hi-res pictures, and if you click on the thumbnail twice you can see the pretty in all its hi res glory.
• Please right click and save all pictures and do not hotlink them.
• Please ask before re-posting. There are some pictures I don't want posted all over the place, but usually I don't mind if you want to repost.
• If re-posting the pictures somewhere, please leave a link back to this journal. It's a lot of work for me to do this and it would just be a nice gesture if you were to let people know where you found them.

How to see the pictures:
All pictures and entries are friends only.
• If you want to friend me and see all the pictures, please comment to this screened post with the word football and then friend me.

• I will need to make sure the journal is a real one and a troll. Therefore if you have a sock/fandom journal you use, that's fine, but just let me know what your real journal is so I can verify you are in fact a real live journaler. As always, you can email me anytime with any questions to footie_lust@livejournal.com.

• Most of the resources generously given to me by a special friend. She knows who she is. Thank you so much, hon.
• Layout by clippage. Along with the layout, she's been a huge help and this place definitely wouldn't exist without her. Thanks, love!

If you'd like to be an affiliate, just drop me an email at yanks02@livejournal.com.

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